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Our industry partners (in alphabetical order):

D'Addario Planet Waves
The D'addario/Planet Waves line offers a full selection of straps that hit the mark on both quality and price point. Smart, functional straps designs sure to always be on the best sellers list

The "First Plastic Pick. Ever." created by Luigi D'Andrea in 1922 when he happened to stumble upon a sale of tortoise shell colored cellulose nitrate plastic sheets and mallet dies. His first sale to a music store in New York City then inspired him to open a factory producing picks. Over the years additional products have been added to the D'Andrea line such as straps, cleaning kits and more.

Henry Heller
For over 23 years dealers have trusted OMG Music to provide them with the best quality and value in musical instrument accessories. The Henry Heller brand offers just that - with a focus on dealer profitability that can only come from over two decades of independent dealer wisdom. Amazing hand crafted leather /suede, cotton, and designer straps, bags, and accessories that have both dealers and customers appreciating the new and exciting look of the store displays!

LM Products
American Made revolutionary products that bring some of the most unique strap designes to the industry. If you are looking for great high quality straps than take a look at the new LM line of products.

Manufactured in England since 1958, Rotosound continues to lead the string industry in quality by using proprietary manufacturing techniques and materials that have been developed over the last 50 years.




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