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We have been doing this a long time. With experience comes wisdom.

You understand your business better than anyone. We listen first, like a good partner should.

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What we do for our dealers

Product Due Diligence
We work with our manufacturers to understand their product line in and out. Each product has its own place in the marketplace, but does it make sense for you? We work with dealers every day to place the right products that will enable them to be successful in their unique marketplace.

Need product customization or personalization? How about a mixed box? Maybe a minimum buy-in or taking on particular products in the line doesn't make sense for your store. You get the picture, and so do we. We work directly with both the dealer and the manufacturer to forge a relationship that makes sense for both parties.

We've been in business for over 20 years. Our dealers understand that we are in this for the long haul.

What we do for our manufacturers

Dealer Exposure
With thousands of existing long term relationships, OMG can offer a level of product exposure that most companies cannot provide.

Timely Results
We understand our dealers better than anyone in the industry. We introduce your product to dealers that we know will have a high likelihood of success with your offerings.

Unparalleled Focus
Tired of being lumped in with 500 other products - some of them direct competitors? OMG only represents a small number of manufacturers with complementary products.

Direct Feedback
Looking for a bunch of yes men that push any product you make onto our entire customer base? Keep looking. How about a partnership that allows you access to real time information and feedback from dealers designed to help you grow your business? We might be a fit.


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