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Who we are

We started in 1990 when Brett Marcus and his partners at the time agreed to market and represent a small Canadian guitar strap company in the US. Over the next 20 years, OMG Music helped grow that company into the largest brand in the category. Since then, we've continued to expand our offerings in order to better service the independent dealer.

2010 - Started manufacturing our own USA made guitar strap line as well as partnering with other quality, complimentary accessory brands to distribute.

2017 - Built a new manufacturing and distribution facility in Sheridan, Indiana.

2019 - Acquired Lock-It straps which are now manufactured and distributed worldwide from Sheridan.

2020 - Acquired exclusive US distribution of The Rock Slide.

2021 - Planned construction of a new warehouse which will increase the square footage in Sheridan by 50%.

With over 30 years of experience in helping the independent dealer/distributor develop a mix of accessories that grow profits as well as customer loyalty, OMG Music offers a partnership opportunity unique to the music industry.

Meet Our Team


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Brett Marcus

Managing Partner
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Mark Blasko

Managing Partner
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ConnieJo Tash

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April Marcus

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Eglaeh Blasko

Social Media

Account Managers

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Larry Greene

Phone Ext: 808
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Mike Haskins

Phone Ext: 813
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Piers Munro

Phone Ext: 815
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Ben Myron

Phone Ext: 804
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Bill Peterson

Phone Ext: 816
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Ken Peveler

Phone Ext: 814
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Darren Roberts

Phone Ext: 807
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Wendy Scott

Phone Ext: 817

Great people make great products and even better partners!

At OMG Music, we're committed to hiring people that show up with a passion for what they do and how they do it. Whether it be paying attention to the fine details while manufacturing a quality American made guitar strap or getting to know your business so we can help you become more profitable with our products, there is not a staff in the industry more dedicated to the things that really matter. It's that simple.

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